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"We're deeper than I showed tonight. I just felt with their size advantage and the pressure they were putting, I had to have fewer guys in the game. They're deep. They can come at you with a bunch of big bodies and coach Scott uses them well. They crashed the boards, got up and down and they played a great game."
"We didn't have the flow we wanted the first half as far as getting up the floor, that's a strength of our team. But we still persevered."
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"This is probably one of the most talked-about games around that I can remember."
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"Our guys are tough. They got a lot of heart. I love the way we play. We didn't give up. We came roaring back and I thought we were maybe going to jump in the driver's seat for a minute. Jackson stopped that. Tonight, it just seemed like the breaks went their way, but good teams make their breaks and they made some tonight. They put it on us."
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"We tried to stay with him all night. I thought every 3-pointer they took was contested."
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"I love this team. These guys are so unselfish. They don't care who gets the credit, they just want to win."
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"He's really bought into the man-to-man defense, and really turned into a leader. He's always guarding the other team's top player, and at times carries the team on his shoulders on defense. He's such a leader by example, such a great kid to have around."
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"Jeff won the game for us tonight, I don't think there's any doubt about that. Jeff played great. He carried us. He hit the big shots when we needed it. He got the big rebounds when we needed them."
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"That second half, we seemed a little sloppy. Our help defense wasn't quite what it needed to be. We were reaching a little bit more than we needed, not moving our feet (or) bending our knees. But, when you've got 60 points in the first half, I guess that can happen from time to time in the second half."
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"That's a tough one. You lose a tough game like we do tonight and you got to gear back up and play a great team like Charleston. I hope we're capable of that."
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"I thought our man offense (Tuesday) was a little bit better than it had been. We still need a little more movement -- guys are still figuring out when to come off screens, when to set screens. But, that's what we've got this last month of the season to get ready for. Come March, hopefully we'll be ready for that."
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"He's a stud. One of the first games of the year he hurt his thumb, but played through it. That affected his shot, but he's turned it up."
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"It's so tough to get there, so many things have to work in your favor. I've seen a lot of great teams not make it, and teams that shouldn't have made it work hard and get there. It's been the goal of my life to get there and win a championship. That's the thing we're trying to stress is you have to seize the moment."
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"At halftime, we look and we?re not in foul trouble, so we know we?re going to get after it and wear them down in the second half."
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