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12 John Williams quotes:

"In general, we continue to believe that local governments should not have a competitive advantage when competing with the private sector, and they should not be allowed to subsidize their business plan."
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"The problem for the U.S. is that the economy is growing faster than the rest of the world, and, therefore, our demand for imports far exceeds the demand for our exports by other countries."
"I can laugh about it, but it's been very hard. One collection company was getting ready to put a lien on my house, but I was able to get that stopped. It's been a real battle."
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"We are looking at home and abroad for players, but that's not a name I've heard mentioned."
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"A woman only has won once in 25 years. She's good and beaten all these guys, but it depends on all of the games."
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"Requirements represent the medium of exchange between IT and the business."
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"Toronto is a big, sophisticated city and multi-ethnic, and people love coffee here."
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"It was a combination of a lot of things: concerns about emerging markets, a drop in consumer confidence, and the expectation that the Fed is still tilting toward an easing."
"I just wonder, why here? This is fairly middle-class."
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"As I told one parent, we appreciate the generosity, but every drop of fuel that we put in a bus is fuel that could have gone in an ambulance or emergency vehicle trying to help the relief effort. Now, as we look at the news in the newspaper and on television of what's going on, to imagine an ambulance trying to help those people might run out of fuel because we're running the chess team over to Colleton County, well, to us it highlights some priorities."
"I honestly haven't done all that counting. It always feels new and a wonderful honor to receive these things. It's a fresh feeling."
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"Incumbent on the city's approval of the campus plan, we believe it's possible to bring everything together in one place."
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