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Chris Bosh Quotes

8 Chris Bosh quotes:

"I haven't won on my birthday since college, so it's good to play hard and get a win by double figures."
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Birthday Quotes
"Just a Coke and a smile."
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes Coke Quotes
"Sometimes when I have a 1-on-1 advantage and teams don't do a good job of either doubling or clogging the paint, that works to my advantage."
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"The whole coaching staff talked about going to the line as much as possible, taking advantage of the mismatches and getting to the free-throw line. Whenever we play unselfish at home or on the road, we are a tough team to beat. When we play unselfish, we play better defense and we move the ball and play better offense."
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"I think coach knows I can make plays. He wanted to get me over the hump with plays like that because we play of lot of games where we're in that situation."
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"I had a turnover and three missed shots down the stretch. I just have to make sure I calm my nerves."
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes Calm Quotes
"It's all about concentration and repetition. That's all it is."
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Concentration Quotes
"The mood always lightens after a win. People are nicer, the food tastes better, practice is a lot more fun,"
Author: Bosh Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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