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Rich Brennan Quotes

7 Rich Brennan quotes:

"We just pretty much took them out of transition by getting back on defense and just hunkering down and putting a lot of guys in the paint."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"He was able to make his foul shots and that hurt us down the line. I thought the foul calls were lopsided. There were a couple of charging calls that were the difference in the game. Our guys who guarded Herb got into foul trouble. They got him the ball and it was mission accomplished."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"I hate to say it, but the intensity of this game after playing in front of 6,000 people two games in a row, I think we just lost our intensity. We just needed to pick it up."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"Not too many people know about us. But we like being the underdogs. We're like the Steelers. We're the sixth seed, but we're beating (higher-seeded) teams."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: People Quotes
"My priorities are family first, work second and basketball third. I really care about the program and I really love the school and I will do whatever I can for the team. But I know that dedicating that many hours a day and in a week will just be impossible."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"That's something we try all year. We have the size underneath and we try to take advantage of it. Brentwood did a really nice job of making us shoot from the outside. They controlled the tempo - they didn't play and up and down game. They actually slowed the game down. They were smart. They kept it a low-scoring game."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"He's done a great job after sitting for more than a year. He does whatever it takes to win."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Job Quotes

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