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"One of the primary purposes of this rapid branch expansion has been to take advantage of opportunities as they become available in attractive markets. Although these new locations have increased overhead expenses, we are confident they will contribute to profitability within the next few years."
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"We want the show to be a vibrant and rewarding experience for its visitors and plan to bring it to life using theatre, entertainment and music. We intend to move it away from being just an exhibition to being a real show that competes head to head with any other top entertainment experience whilst demonstrating the excellence of British marine products."
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"We were extremely impressed by the quality and creativity of ideas proposed in student essays that were submitted. It is clear that our nation's youth have intelligent opinions and perspectives on their schooling experience and Box Tops for Education is proud to support and encourage them to share their voice on Capitol Hill and in their home communities."
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"We believe that it is very important for the dealers to work with this next class of active clients to have them sign on to the new market standards."
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"While these new locations will temporarily decrease short-term profitability, they should provide solid contributions to earnings in future periods."
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"Over the past 12 months, the major components of our loan portfolio have showed significant growth. We have increased residential construction loans 7% and commercial real estate loans 14% from a year ago. These components now make up 73% of the loan portfolio. In addition, we continue to let our installment loans drop off as they now represent just 8% of the loan portfolio compared to 9% a year ago."
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"Over the past 12 months, we have expanded our loan portfolio and anticipate that because of the high growth throughout the Tampa Bay area we should be able to continue at that rate this year."
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"World Title Fight Night"
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"We've had some very intoxicated people not know where their car was or if they drove a car that night."
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"If you go down to the skate park, it's all kids. It's the 12-year-olds who are really into it. Keeping youth involved keeps it fresh. Anyone could have entered (the contest). It's no holds barred. It's about who's got the talent, not about names and images and connections. It's just straight-up talent."
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"I admire the guys who can do it with as little technology as possible, two turntables and a microphone."
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"This'll be great for the boy or girl who wins. They could be larger than life looking back on this one day as something that got them started. It's a great idea."
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"The man [Pearlman] has proven over and over again that he has his hands firmly on the pulse of the entertainment industry and always stays ahead of the curve. We are truly honored that he has chosen to become an integral part of our Company's ongoing development."
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"We have made significant progress on six additional branch offices, which we expect to open in the next few months. In addition, we have plans to open three other branch offices later this year, and will continue to explore further branch expansion opportunities in the greater Tampa Bay area. While we expect to see higher expenses in future periods as a result of our expansion, over time these new branches should further improve our profitability by providing us low cost deposits to fund our loan growth."
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"Despite all of the apparent progress, the industry remains quite manually intensive and could be prone to disruption should it face several large or simultaneous credit events."
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