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David Wilson Quotes

7 David Wilson quotes:

"Most people assumed that spring 2006 was for a domestic Japanese launch and historically Europe has always been the last to receive Japanese technology. I think it is actually good news that we are attempting a simultaneous launch so people don't resent the fact that other territories have it first. I think people have been positively surprised that it will be out before Christmas."
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"They've both been playing extremely well, but I think George has probably got a slight points advantage at the moment if you had to pick between the two. And continuing on with the good form that he's had so far this year I think he could just edge out Phil for the starting spot."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"We're starting to see young people with old people diseases. These diseases include hardening of the arteries, heart attacks, and diabetes."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes Diabetes Quotes
"He's not afraid to not conform . . . and that can upset people, so it's pretty correct [that there's two clear schools of thought on Connolly]. He would have his enemies, but he'd have a lot of supporters as well."
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"I'm just happy to see the fruits of their hard work come to pass. All three are very fortunate to have been able to get to this point. How many kids out there have this dream and don't get to this point?"
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"An Olympic gymnast may have started instruction as a preschooler, but there are other sports, such as shooting, where a 17-year-old young woman recently became a champion after just two years of competition. It turned out she was a natural."
Author: Wilson Quotes Category: Champion Quotes
"With moisture, our homes have so many products in the home that are food sources for mold growth, so not only is it the structural damage and the paint loss and the discoloration, but the potential for significant biological growth - either mold or bacteria."
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