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15 Paul Tracy quotes:

"He only made one mistake in the hairpin and we weren't close enough to take advantage."
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"I figure, at my age, I still have three, four, maybe five years in (Champ Car) left in me, but it could be the right time to make a change and I want to take a good look at it. I've talked with some other teams over there (in NASCAR), but Richard Childress is the only one who has stepped up and made something happen at this point."
"I am totally happy being in the Champ Car World Series, ... I get to race in Canada three times a year, which is very important to me and I just love to road race."
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"Absolutely it had a lot to do with my decision. I am Canadian and I love racing in Canada and racing in the 24 for a team with a Canadian sponsor was really appealing to me. This event is one of the crown jewels of racing, and I really want to add a win here it to my resume."
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"We just didn't have the speed the Newman-Haas cars have,"
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"I was amazed with the quality of drivers in last year's field, and there are going to be even more this year. The list is very strong - a lot of drivers that are just the cream of the crop. I'm here to win. That's why I chose to run with these guys and with this team."
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"The team that wins this race is the one that doesn't have any unscheduled pit stops. Some of these guys, they might be tempted to make this into a sprint race and try to show how fast (they) are against all the all-stars. But, really, that's not going to be what wins this race."
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"We have to treat every race like its our last and at the end of the year, if it's enough, it's enough. If not, at least we'll know we put everything into it."
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"Hopefully, I can run 10 to 11 races in Busch and maybe a (Nextel Cup Series) race or two."
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"I've got to get out on the track and test and race and see how it all goes. Obviously it's something I'm interested in, but we'll just see how it goes, see how things progress."
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"This is the biggest race of the year, Daytona. This is the one that everybody wants to be at, this is the one every sponsor wants to be involved in."
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"I think I just want to finish the race. I think if we don't get involved in any crashes that happen and don't have any problems and our stops go OK, then maybe we can finish inside the top 15. That would be great."
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"I think I just want to finish the race."
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"The first year we raced at Denver, the track had some teething problems and was bumpy and slippery, but it has gotten a lot better since then, ... Last year, I was leading the race and (Sebastien) Bourdais caught me and won the event and we finished second. So I am very excited to come back to see if we can win this time."
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"I've been afforded the opportunity to do this from Forsythe. He said to me to 'If you want to go NASCAR, you better go try it first before you commit to a 38-race schedule.' So here I am."
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