Betty Dodson Quotes

14 Betty Dodson quotes:

"We are constantly protecting the male ego, and it's a disservice to men. If a man has any sensitivity or intelligence, he wants to get the straight scoop from his girlfriend."
"I consider the 70s to be the youth of old age. So all you women out there who are afraid of getting older, just keep your orgasms in place, eat a lot of vegetables, take exercise, and you'll be fine."
"I've spent the past six years with a young man, which was a nice break, dipping back into heterosexuality again from all my time with women."
"If we could grow up knowing that the genitals are beautiful parts of our bodies, we'd be proud, we wouldn't have shame, we wouldn't have sexual guilt."
"If you are using your childhood masturbation technique, you are not developing sexually. We, of course, develop and become more varied."
"It was so astonishing for women to sit there looking at images of female genitals. When we took those photographs, I got body rushes."
"Masturbation is our first and natural form of sexual activity and if that's inhibited or damaged, then we suffer for the rest of our lives."
"My entire career has been confronted with censorship. You can't talk about masturbation in America without confronting censorship."
"Never touch your clitoris dry, never. I can't emphasize enough lubrication."
"Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice! That's the condition of the female. Women have been conditioned to sacrifice for centuries."
"The clitoris is ignored. Our mothers weren't told and their mothers' mothers weren't told."
"The media only wants to get the view of the flaming radicals because they make better copy than those of us who are more sensible. I'm a feminist and I think I've done a lot of good."
"The person whose face is between your legs is gonna get lockjaw."
"When I do documentaries, my best information ends up on the cutting-room floor. People have trouble dealing with sexual honesty."

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