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"We got the upper hand quick, they did a lot of complaining and the next thing you know, we have five penalties in a row against us and it threw us off our rhythm. From that point on, you never knew what was going to be a penalty."
"We responded to adversity and that's important because we're going to face this kind of stuff when we're on the road."
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"We've been missing that type of performance from a player all season. And hopefully that will light the fire under a couple of guys who are capable of doing it, but just haven't decided to do it."
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"This is a result of hard work from teachers and administrators. Being one of the six schools in Arkansas to accomplish this is exciting."
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"Tonight was kind of an anomaly. You're not going to threaten teams with five power play goals. Since we picked up Joe, though, we've had one of the most dangerous power plays in the league."
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"I don't think that's a big part of the game right now. It's about power plays and penalty kills, it's not about fighting. And it's a little different if the tough guy can play. ... I'm not going to knock some of these other guys who can play only three minutes and if you ignore them they're totally useless."
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"I'm a teacher and by the time I get to school, practice is starting. Katie gets them ready before I get there, so her leadership is very important."
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"We don't want him handling the puck as much as he does, and yet he does and he makes mistakes like he did. His focus has got to be on the puck and not what other people are doing."
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"Most impressive to me about the group is how they've grasped the rules and played disciplined. Hopefully that gives us a bit of a head start that our guys have understood what the rules are right off the bat."
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"Toward the end we were running out of gas but we got a point so I'm not disappointed. I'm not going to view this as a loss."
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"They looked sluggish at times and we took advantage of that. And a lot of that had to do with the pressure we created at the right times."
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"We're 3-0 and scored 15 goals since we picked up Thornton. It's kind of nice, the things you were hoping would happen with the trade have."
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"We didn't come here to win just one round. That's not why we played so hard down the stretch. We want to continue to improve. We want a shot at the Cup, simple. We've got to wait, see who we play, prepare and go at them equally as hard."
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"In the heat of the moment you're going to be upset your teeth got knocked out. But in reality the referees feel as bad as anyone."
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"They scored first but I didn't see the team flinch. We were ready to play from the beginning of the game."
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"I don't think he realizes what he just did, how hard that is."
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"Electric blankets, portable heaters, insulating, all that type of winterizing, weatherizing (items) are selling early this year. Electric space heaters seem to be taking off early this year, too."
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"We didn't want to tempt fate and have a close game because we thought they would come at us. We seemed to have a lot more jump, more air in our tires than they did."
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"I didn't like either one of those goals. I've seen this happen before, the floodgates open so I stepped in to try and stop it."
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"Somebody will say he only had four assists, but they were huge -- setting up winning goals, making big plays, drawing penalties. He could have drawn about 10 more penalties. And he's a leader in the room along with Patty, they share that responsibility."
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