David Nalbandian Quotes

8 David Nalbandian quotes:

"I had to keep going, to keep fighting,"
"He lost because of physical problems but he has plenty of time to work on his fitness."
Author: Nalbandian Quotes Category: Fitness Quotes
"I think that basically (my intention) was to make him move, have him run, so that he felt he was going to get worn out. His level dropped in the third and fourth sets."
"The advantage came with the tiebreak, ... From that point the match followed the path I wanted it to follow."
"He wasn't running around as much as before so if I kept up my level I would win. He is very young and he needs to work on his physical shape, but he has plenty of time."
Author: Nalbandian Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"I think Paris might be in danger. I have to see tomorrow what is happening with my leg."
Author: Nalbandian Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"Roger, don't worry, it's not your last final, ... You're going to win a lot of tournaments, so let me keep this one."
Author: Nalbandian Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"It's really important for me. I really surprised everybody with this victory."
Author: Nalbandian Quotes Category: Victory Quotes

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