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"It's funny how it turns out like that. I wasn't feeling real comfortable with my swing. I just happened to hit a close shot and build my confidence and the day turned out great."
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"My gut instinct told me that they kind of had something under their hat and they were going to make a good announcement (Wednesday). I was surprised it was called off. ... As a fan, it's disappointing. ... I love the game, love to watch it, especially this time (of year because) it's getting close to March, April, playoffs start. And there will be nothing to watch on TV."
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"It's not artificial and no tricks about it. Either you hit the fairway or you're going to be in trouble."
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"They probably don't have as big an advantage as last week in Phoenix. Some of the guys can carry the bunkers, but you don't have a lot of that here. It's more position, being in the right spot on the greens and precise play around here compared to last week when the long guys could just let it go."
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"From the time you're a junior, adults keep telling you about patience and hard work and using your head, but until you've been knocked down a few times and have to get back on your feet all by yourself, you probably haven't learned the lessons."
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"It was funny how it turns out like that. I was not feeling really comfortable with my swing."
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"I can honestly say I've never folded my tent once while playing golf,"
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"If I can just keep playing steady and build on the momentum, anything can happen. I'm hitting enough quality shots. I feel confident."
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