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17 Gregg Popovich quotes:

"He looks aggressive to me, and that's what's important. He really is taking advantage of opportunities."
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"We wanted to do something to show our appreciation and show his friends and family that we can come back. The schedule is so hectic he doesn't get to go home as much as he'd like, but this is a good opportunity for him to do it. There's not a lot of anxiety in the preseason. So it's just a lot of fun for Tim and his fans."
"And now I don't think they look at us in the same light. Manu plays with no fear, a tough kid. (Tony) Parker they knock around and he keeps bouncing back up. And maybe with those additions, they look at us differently."
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"I think mostly the system is about consistency, ... Our system more than anything is just persistent and consistent with a defensive emphasis. We don't talk about how many games we're going to win, winning a division, winning a championship, none of that stuff. No goals, none like that. Our goal is to get better every day, to practice every day, to treat the game with respect. If we can come out every practice and every game, learning something that we did well or that we did poorly, we can go from there. And then, you know, the way you handle players off the court or around the court that's just an individual thing with every team."
"We moved the ball pretty well and our defense was pretty good all night long. Winning on the road is always sweet."
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"I asked them if it wasn't too much trouble, if I wasn't being too pushy, if they could execute what we were trying to do. And if it didn't make them too angry, if they also wanted to play some defense on the other end, that would be great."
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"I just think of it as two bad performances, and if it doesn't get better, we'll be in big trouble. . . . But there's no time for frustration."
"Our goal is to win a championship, and all of us will sacrifice something to get that done."
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"Everybody comes with their best game, which is great. Tonight we made a lot of mistakes but we plowed through it. In the end, we did a good job moving the ball and hitting our free throws and got the win."
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"I don't put much into momentum swings at this point of the season."
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"This is the deepest team we've had talent-wise, ... What I am hoping is that it ends up being the deepest team we've had knowledge-wise - professionalism, basketball IQ."
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"This is the deepest team we've had talent-wise. What I am hoping is that it ends up being the deepest team we've had knowledge-wise - professionalism, basketball IQ."
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"We don't want to dry up those tendons. If you dry up those tendons, then you have big problems. We'll just have to live with it."
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"I feel bad for Minnesota because they have a lot of pride and they are in a real tough situation with so many guys out. Obviously, for that reason, it wasn't really a fair fight. We don't take too much from the game other than we stayed healthy and didn't get anyone hurt."
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"That's the least of what we worry about. We've got a lot of things to be concerned with on our own team, and that's how we spend our time."
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"Let's let Tony settle into what he's doing now and become great at it. He can worry about that kind of stuff in the future."
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"I thought it was a bad performance on our part. It's a shame (Duncan) was feeling good and sprightly and we wasted it because the whole team wasn't reacting."

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