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"We had our opportunities and we didn't take advantage of them. When you give a team like Syracuse and you let Gerry McNamara have a window of opportunity, unfortunately sometimes you have to live with the feeling we currently have."
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"We had our opportunities. We just didn't take advantage of them. We got some good looks and couldn't knock the shots down and we turned the ball over too much."
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"People realize that we're certainly faced with an abnormal amount of adversity. The Cincinnati faithful is still going through a healing process with what transpired with Coach Huggins in the fall. But over the 20 games they've seen this team, I think they appreciate the fact that this team continues to fight, even though they're not always happy with the result."
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"Until we get our aggression back, and until we start approaching the game differently, we're not going to like the results. I realize that and I'm trying to get these kids to realize that. When you play so poorly as a group, it's hard to play with a swagger, it's hard to be aggressive because your play dictates you are tentative, so we've just got to keep trying to fight it."
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"Obviously, that's a formula for disaster, if you turn it over that many times. If memory serves, it led to 36 points for Louisville. Certainly our margin for error is such that we can't give teams 36 points off our ineffectiveness."
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"He was lobbying the doctors to get back into the game, but he was out of it (at halftime). He always looks a little crazy, so it was hard to tell."
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"I appreciate that. I went into this with my eyes open. I signed a one-year contract. That's what I expect. For me, it's about trying to get this team to the NCAA tournament. I thought we let a golden opportunity slip through our fingers tonight."
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"We have suspended the players indefinitely for failure to meet the standards set forth by the NCAA and the men's basketball program at the University of Cincinnati."
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"We dropped our heads again. The emotion we thought we had found was taken away."
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"It's hard for this team to play catch-up against a quality team in this environment. I thought our shot selection was a little bit poor. We're dependent on making perimeter jumpers and those things come and go."
"I hate to use the word fear, but they sensed it and took us right out of it. It's very uncharacteristic of our team."
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"They sensed our tentativeness. They sensed that fear -- and I hate to use that word -- and they jumped on it."
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"You cannot be tentative against pressure. They sensed that fear and they jumped on it like great teams do and took us right out of the action."
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"We came out flat. A couple of guys are fighting the flu, me included. Jihad Muhammad was the difference in the game, with his energy on the ball."
"Anybody that thinks I'm a better coach than him has been out to lunch too long."
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"The intensity was really high. I think Sean (XU coach Miller) has a tremendous team, without question an NCAA Tournament team. We had our chances in regulation and in overtime and just did not make enough plays."
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"We did not do the things we needed to do and as a result, we have to accept the consequences."
"We had a conversation, because of the fact we're playing, (Boone) is sensitive to not disrupt anything."
"I'm the interim coach. That means today and I guess the rest is up for debate."
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"I think Angelo Craig is a monster athlete, that's what everyone's told me."
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