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Tom Rossley Quotes

8 Tom Rossley quotes:

"Well, right now, we just can't make mistakes like that. Statistics show that you lose the turnover battle, you have a very small chance of winning. It's proven itself the last two ball games."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Mistakes Quotes
"He's still not there completely, but he did everything. He ran around and went through the whole practice, but you could tell he's still feeling [it], he's got to play through that little bit of pain."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"We had 190 yards rushing against them and controlled the game with our running game. They have to be concerned about that. I know they don't want that to happen to them again."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"We've got to take advantage of the best guys we've got, and whoever we've got left."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"We had hoped to go in that direction more so than we were able to. It hit us late in the week, which was kind of a tough hurdle. But our chances were there."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"We have a nice drive and then get no points out of it. That hurt."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"We have to be ready for both 3-4 or 4-3. Either way, they've got good talent, (and) their defensive tackles (Pat and Kevin Williams) are outstanding. We spent time (in training camp) on the 3-4 and it shouldn't be a big adjustment for us. Regardless of where they line up inside, we've got to block them."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"I mean, it's the smart way to play. You force (offenses) to take a 4- or 5-yard throw when they need 8 or 9 (yards for a first down) and then the back has to run and go get it."
Author: Rossley Quotes Category: Force Quotes

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