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"It's called 'The Stupidest Rock Tour of the Summer' for a reason. It's really crazy to see how anxious girls are to lick Don Vito's toes and do that kind of nasty stuff. The audience is crazier than these guys are most of the time."
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"That's an end of an era for us. We've relied on them (the vans) for the past 30 years for transportation. Now we'll rely on small school buses for our primary mode of transportation."
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"There are no rules. No supervision. Anything goes. And because of that nobody gets into a fight."
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"For us to pull that one out helps our guys confidence-wise. We needed that game."
"It's a good idea to self-disclose as much as you can in advance and to share things they need to know about you. That is an explicit invitation for them to manage up."
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"Those guys can drink like fish. Their rider for the show every night, they get two big bottles of Jack Daniels, a big bottle of vodka, a big bottle of tequila and four cases of beer. And then that's not including when they go to the bar and people buy them drinks; that's just what they have backstage for them every night."
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"They've got a distinct advantage over a lot of teams with that inside game."
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