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Manny Legace Quotes

37 Manny Legace quotes:

"They had a lot of scoring opportunities. They come hard to the net and they skate so well and they've got a lot of talent. They're going to be a forced to be reckoned with coming down the stretch."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"It's just hard work by the guys. The guys are so dedicated to it, concentrating so much on it. I can't say enough about how hard they work. I don't see a shot some time. It's amazing."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"Every game is about special teams right now. We know that power plays are going to win or lose games the way it is now. Our guys aren't getting held up, so that gives us an advantage. We've got a pretty good power play."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"The same intensity hasn't been there the last two games, and it's shown on the ice."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I can play better. I know I can play better. Giving up three goals a game isn't cutting it."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"Not bad hands, huh? He's young and exciting to watch with these new rules."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"He's a special player. When I was here for that month, he was lighting me up in practice just like he lit me up tonight."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"Ozzie and I are good friends, and whoever is playing better is going to play. But there's no question, it's a great opportunity for me to have a legitimate shot at being a No. 1 goaltender here for the first time."
"There's no hard feelings toward him. It's just part of the game."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Feelings Quotes
"He's done it to a lot better goalies than me but he was on fire tonight,"
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Fire Quotes
"You don't want me handling the puck back there anyway. But I can see where that would hurt teams like New Jersey. They rely on (Martin) Brodeur to handle the puck in the corners. He's like an extra skater."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"He's a great goalie, I admire him a lot. He has great patience. He just works hard and he's doing a great job."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Patience Quotes
"The boys have been playing real well in front of me, ... I think this was our best defensive night. We didn't let any breakaways or 2-on-1s."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"It was kind of nice, just standing their watching. The boys were playing unbelievable, going to the net hard, pelting the net."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Boys Quotes
"It's a weird thing, it seems I play every year on my birthday, but I always lose."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Birthday Quotes
"I love watching them play. Their leadership is amazing, and they just go about their business. They can be down 20 points and there's no panic. That reminds me so much of us."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"You've got to give them credit, they played hard. They took advantage that we might have been a little tired tonight."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"Our guys played great in front of me. That's what we're stressing, solid defense. It's hard to play a team like that because they're so fast and they crash and they bang and they send guys all the time. Their defense is pinching. It's a credit for our guys to stand in there and take the punishment."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"Comes back, just making saves like he never missed a step. Just a great athlete."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Athletics Quotes
"That's different, both games being at home, that's kind of like a baseball series. Every time we have that (home ice), that's like an extra man at home, with the fans (cheering). They rile us pretty well."
Author: Legace Quotes Category: Baseball Quotes

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