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"It was working to our advantage. He couldn't throw strikes. It's a big lead to overcome, though. Brutal conditions, but it was working in our favor at the moment."
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"He went to see team doctors in Toronto (on Wednesday). He wasn't obligated to go out there (at camp) the last few days."
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"[We'll] keep in touch with the doctors. [If] he starts feeling good and goes out there and pushes it, he might make it worse. Then where are we? That tournament is a nice thing, but we need him for the season."
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"Obviously, it's a great thing to honor your country and to get that type of experience on such a big stage, but we're a little bit selfish in wanting those guys back as soon as possible. With so many new faces in camp this year, ideally you'd like to have all of them around as much as possible to establish chemistry and continuity in your lineup. But it's a great experience for Vernon, who's getting the most playing time of anyone."
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"We're due. We're overdue, ... These guys can hit. We've all seen them hit. Believe it or not, what happens, when you struggle as a whole, everyone tries to do that much more. It may not always look like that but you start to press a little bit."
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"Consistency is the key to anybody. And he's been around long enough. He's capable of that. It's been a frustrating year for him. [A] slow start, then [he] kind of kicked it in gear. Since he's been back, it's been hit or miss."
"You saw it all tonight -- by design."
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"Until [Johnson is] ready, we'll just tell him to baby it. If a guy runs, just flip it in. We already know he can throw. ... He's a sparkplug-type guy. I know he felt good because it's been a while [since he's played in a game]. You always worry when you get injuries."
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"Some guys get by with a lot of hard-hit balls that are outs, they get a ton of runs scored for them. You look further than just results. You see what they guy's featuring and that will tell you everything."
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"From here on out every game matters to them and it doesn't matter who they're playing,"
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"Any time you lose a Gold Glove, that's a hit. But that allowed us to make that trade. We saw Hill play enough second base, and he was good. If we had any doubts, that might have changed our mind about making a move or not."
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"I don't even know if we're looking for that. I just know my guys. They've got a lot of heart. They just get after it."
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"You watch Ortiz over the past few years and there is not a more clutch guy in the game."
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"He ran (yesterday) and felt good. Hopefully, he can make progress and we'll see what he has. It's hard to say."
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"He was in trouble but he hung in there."
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"When you're playing certain teams in the league, you know you've got to score. We scored five last night and then five in one inning tonight. You know you have to do that, and the pitching did a nice job. But, yeah, the add-on runs are key."
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"He's getting there with his running but he's not at full speed yet."
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"We're going to make our mistakes this season, but the key will be in trying to limit those. We want to make the routine plays when we have a chance to make them."
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"We'll put a hold on him every now and then, depending on the situation. He's still learning how to steal."
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"He's doing everything everyone wanted him to do. He's been doing a great job."
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