Gordie Kerkman Quotes

4 Gordie Kerkman quotes:

"I don't know that we've taken advantage of his shooting yet because we haven't had it that long. But he does stretch the defense out. When (opponents) go out and cover him, we have to start hitting those seams a little more. But when they come back to recover, it's going to leave him open."
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"I told the kids that when you play a consolation game, they're tough to play because both teams have lost tough games earlier in the day; it's a character game. Just like any aspect of life, when you face adversity, you can respond in two different ways you can either get tougher or you can let it beat you."
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"The 3-point shooting was not really by design. We had some plays set up for Aaron, but it was not necessarily a game plan. He just got some good looks."
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"The first game was no masterpiece by any imagination. I thought both teams played awfully hard."

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