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Howard Kurtz Quotes

9 Howard Kurtz quotes:

"Leaks have been around since Jefferson was complaining about newspapers and what they were doing to him. The difference now is you have so many more media outlets and a 24-hour digital world [so] that the leak can instantly go around the globe. You don't have to wait for the newspaper to be delivered on horseback."
"We're all very anxious to have more of a conversation with readers, and that's way overdue. But no one has quite figured out how to handle the waves of obscene, nasty and intensely personal attacks that seem to be an element in this new era of Web feedback."
Author: Kurtz Quotes Category: Conversation Quotes
"Journalism seems to have recovered its reason for being."
Author: Kurtz Quotes Category: American Novelist Quotes Journalism Quotes
"It's a brave new world."
"Television is the name of the game,"
Author: Kurtz Quotes Category: Television Quotes
"There's no question in recent years Lou Dobbs has been on a crusade on the trade issue, and now CNN is marketing him that way, ... What you get from Dobbs, when he's on his pet issues, is a different animal than what you get from, say, [anchor] Wolf Blitzer on 'Late Edition.'"
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"There are numerous images of the World Trade Center attacks in these ads and that is already drawing questions about exploitation of 9/11, ... Reliable Sources."
Author: Kurtz Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"The great advantage of tackling a novel is that you don't have to bother with such annoying procedures as checking your facts."
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"She was a gutsy woman who came to work even at the age of 84,"

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