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"I don't want to make excuses because I haven't played so many matches and that this was my first match on clay this season. I had trained and I was ready."
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"The injury is healing well. The chances of me playing at the Diamond Games have certainly risen."
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"I have been good in practice but not like that."
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"I was not aggressive enough in the first set and I did not take advantage, but after that I put her under pressure."
"I've been happy with how I've played all summer. It took a while to get my rhythm since I hadn't been on Armstrong Stadium court in quite some time."
"My injury's not gone. The pain is gone because of the tablets I'm taking."
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"I've lost to her some big matches already, ... It's great to win some, as well. Any victory means a lot. For some reason, since my injury, they mean twice as much now. I enjoy it a lot more. I'm playing well. I don't think I could have done much better with my preparation."
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"It's a compliment but I've got a tough match ahead of me and it takes a lot of work."
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"I have a cold which I hope doesn't affect my legs too much. I will get to bed early and get some sleep before some light training in the morning."
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"You know, it doesn't happen that often that you have the crowd support behind you straightaway from the beginning of the match."
"Having this momentum coming in is good for my confidence, it's helped a lot,"
"When doctors say, 'It's going to be very tough for you, maybe not to quit, but to reach that same level again,' that's very frustrating to hear. In a way, you hear it, and it sort of goes in and out because you don't want to keep thinking about the negative thoughts."
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"My injury's not gone. The pain is gone because of the tablets I'm taking. So that's a good sign that I can be out there and play without feeling the pain. But I know that once I get home there's going to be some work to do."
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"Especially for such a big event, with so many good players, yeah, it was a quick one."
"I'm happy with how I'm playing. I'm definitely not complaining."
"You can wake me up now - these last four weeks in America have been incredible."
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"I'm really proud how I came back to win tonight. I kept fighting, kept staying in the points, and I got her tired, as well. It means a lot. As the years go on, every big win seems to mean a lot more."
"I'm not really playing for the money, ... I just really want to go out there and have fun. Since my injury, playing tennis means so much more because I really missed it when I couldn't do it last year. I'm just happy to be back and playing as well as I am."
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"It's always great to come back against players like this. And this victory means a lot. But it's not over."
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"I want to give it a go and I want to try as hard as I can to get better,"
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