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Richard Fisher Quotes

9 Richard Fisher quotes:

"I think that the advantage of having an 'all clear' is that you have a factor which you can use in the scheduling of EVAs. This allows you to avoid times that are less fortunate. I believe this will be important as we return to the Moon."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Advantage Quotes
"shows little inclination to go in the other direction."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"We have to watch things very carefully here because there are inflationary pressures and ... (the Fed's) duty is to be especially vigilant on that front,"
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Duty Quotes
"We actually ponder the depths and resilience of Chinese capacity, for example, when we sit around the table of the FOMC."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Example Quotes
"It is not unreasonable to think the [housing market] situation is manageable, albeit worth watching closely."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"In our modern age it is very difficult to distinguish between absolute economic and absolute security issues."
"I do dread that (the injuries). Truth of the matter being, if the Air Force had been the end of Bryce's career I think I would have been a happy man because I wouldn't have to worry about him getting hurt. But since that's his profession, he chose it, I'm glad for him."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"This is why I think so many economists have been so baffled by the length and strength of the current expansion and the non-inflationary prosperity we have enjoyed over the past two decades."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"He had three false starts in a game and I was ready to throw something at the television."
Author: Fisher Quotes Category: Television Quotes

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