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Carolyn Porco Quotes

8 Carolyn Porco quotes:

"This has been a heart-stopper, and surely one of our most thrilling results."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"Once you have liquid water, you have the potential for living organisms."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"These are among the things we hope to learn. [The spokes] are obviously related to a host of processes…and may point to some important effects in understanding the magnetic field and the planet's magnetosphere, and how these systems interact with the rings and atmosphere."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"We have the smoking gun that proves the existence of water."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Existence Quotes
"We realize that this is a radical conclusion -- that we may have evidence for liquid water within a body so small and so cold."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"Remember, Voyager was just a flyby, Cassini is in orbit. We have the opportunity for monitoring them and their behavior, their comings and goings, how they evolve, when they appear and disappear."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Behavior Quotes
"It's been an adventure just getting out to Saturn, ... Saturn is such an alluring photographic target. It's a joy, really, to be able to take our images and composite them in an artful way, which is one of my cardinal working goals. It's about poetry and beauty and science all mixed together."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Adventure Quotes
"[Of intense interest will be a Cassini determination of the periodicity in the appearance of spokes. This will require monitoring spoke activity from a variety of geometries over several years.] Cassini has found that the SKR period has changed since Voyager, which though hard to believe, may mean that the rotation of Saturn's interior has changed, ... That would be a finding of enormous consequence, so, we'll be looking very closely to see if the frequency of spoke activity has changed too."
Author: Porco Quotes Category: Appearance Quotes

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