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"It is with books as with men: a very small number play a great part, the rest are lost in the multitude"
"All kinds are good except the kind that bores you."
"The only way to compel men to speak good of us is to do it."
"Doubt is not a pleasant condition but certainty is an absurd one."
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Certainty Quotes
"I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker."
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Christian Quotes
"The first step, my son, which one makes in the world, is the one on which depends the rest of our days."
"He who dies before many witnesses always does so with courage."
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Courage Quotes
"One of the chief misfortunes of honest people is that they are cowardly."
"Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe."
"If we do not find anything pleasant, at least we shall find something new"
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Discovery Quotes
"The best way to be boring is to leave nothing out"
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Advice Quotes
"I was never ruined but twice - once when I lost a lawsuit, once when I won one"
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"Very learned women are to be found, in the same manner as female warriors; but they are seldom or ever inventors."
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: French Writer Quotes Female Quotes
"The United States has subcontracted Brazil for security and Canada for economic development. But they're all reporting to Washington. The final decisions are made there,"
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: America Quotes
"Very often, say what you will, a knave is only a fool."
"History is nothing but a pack of tricks that we play upon the dead."
"May God defend me from my friends; I can defend myself from my enemies."
"The superfluous, a very necessary thing."
"God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best"
Author: Voltaire Quotes Category: God Quotes
"The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it."

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