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David Booth Quotes

8 David Booth quotes:

"Christmas is a big deal in our family. A regular tree from any old lot just wouldn't do."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"The schools are in danger of becoming tours where people visit old-fashioned times. We have to find ways to unite the outside and the inside of school."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"Today, men write more than women, but it's on screen. The computer has made men free to write, and they're writing more than in the history of the world."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"We've got good talent; everyone works hard; and we all get along great. There's no cliques on the team like there's been in the past. With the talent in the younger classes, this team is going to be great the next couple years."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"We're one of the only teams without a superstar. Our success isn't determined by one player, it's determined by the team."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Success Quotes
"Literacy is such a complicated adventure today."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Adventure Quotes
"I don't dictate what humans should read. Only 15-20 percent of men read fiction. The rest don't."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Fiction Quotes
"I don't think we were as prepared on Saturday. We didn't come out with that same fire that we did on Friday."
Author: Booth Quotes Category: Fire Quotes

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