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"It?s all about us having that focus and being together even when we hit adversity. We just have to keep banding together and fighting to come out with a win."
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"If she can have a good stretch the next four games going into the Big East tournament, it will get her some endurance and get her some conditioning, and it will help our team. We need her a lot. She?s our one true center; our one true big body. And every team around the country needs that one true center. Every team that?s successful and wins national championships has one so, obviously, we?re going to need her."
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"This is a great environment. This is one of the best places to play at in our league and it's tough. You just have to be ready to fight through everything and just band together. It's just us 15 and that's the way you have to treat it and that's the way we do it."
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"We have a Hall of Fame coach so I guess that goes along with it. Thirty wins in 11 out of 13 years ... those are Hall of Fame numbers."
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"We have a Hall of Fame coach."
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"I'm not into extra motivation or anything like that. Bottom line, we need to go down there and win."
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"It's something that we met with Coach about ... putting the game on our shoulders. We just want to know that we determined the outcome and I'm really happy that Ann made those shots, because it's just further proof that we're still trying to embrace this team and put it on our back and lead us to victory."
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"Concentration and composure, when we lose those two things, that's usually when we struggle. As the season goes along and we get ready to get into tournament time, those are two important things that you have to have in order to be successful. Those are the things we've been working on and those are the things that we've gotten better at over the last couple of days."
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"I think this whole road trip has pretty much built character on our team. It?s brought us close together. It let us know that given tough situations, we know what we need to do in order to win. We know how to win, whereas before I don?t know if we would have been able to do that."
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"It's not always going to be pretty. It's about winning right now. We have three games left in the season. ... We're trying to win the Big East, so you have to take it for what it's worth. Take it as a win and not worry about it."
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"The week has been rough, I'm not going to lie. Obviously we had a sour taste in our mouth after what happened in that game, but we just have to take it and learn from it and keep it in the back of our minds and use it as momentum going into this tournament."
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"Ups and downs, positives and negatives, wouldn't trade it for the world."
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"I have put together some good games or whatever, but I still don?t think it is enough because I haven?t been able to pull my team along as much as I would have liked to. You always want us to get better as a team rather than worry about individual statistics."
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"We think the police should have some type of reprimand for shooting an unarmed mental person. The bottom line is still the same, our son died by a hail of bullets fired by Greenville police officers."
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