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"The way we handle adversity is going to determine what kind of team we are. I told them last night that this is our first true test of adversity and how we bounce back, how we handle it, and how we compete against a good Iowa football team will determine what kind of football team we are, and where we are at."
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"The doctors are very optimistic. We're sure we'll have him."
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"We didn't play with emotion. We didn't play with the free rein and the emotion you need to be a good team."
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"It all was going their way, ... But you have to keep fighting."
"I know there will be an all-out assault on running backs a year from now, and there are some really good running backs in the vicinity."
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"It looks to me like they have just truly reloaded. The offensive line is huge. The running back is huge. They lost their receivers (to graduation), and they've got a guy (Jordan) who's got 11 catches in one game. They'll be obviously the best receivers we've seen to date."
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"I was just glad to see him practicing and running around out there. I think everyone was."
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"It's a little bit like our situation in that all three of our running backs are a little different in the way that they run, the way they attack, the power, that kind of thing, ... When you look at what they've done running the football, I think you've got to feel like they're doing something right."
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"You have to get guys in there who make fewer mistakes."
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"Vince has done everything that I thought he would in terms of coming in, learning our package. I've been very, very happy with the way that's going. We've made great improvement on defense, as we should. We've just got to continue to improve there."
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"Vince has done everything I thought he would do in learning our package. He's spent time with the defensive line and linebackers, and I help a lot in the secondary. We've made great improvement on defense, which we should."
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"He's done an unbelievable job with their program. When you go back and you look, up until just maybe two three years ago, his staff was pretty much intact for such a long period of time. To me, that really says a lot. You look at the record and you can see what he's done, but when you see coaches that stay there for a long period of time, I think it says a lot about the way he runs the program."
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"It was not bad, it was really a pretty good practice, but we can be better. We're at the point where we need to stress to be as good as we can be all the time."
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