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Maggie Dixon Quotes

10 Maggie Dixon quotes:

"West Point graduates love everything that has to do with West Point. As much as it is male-dominated in terms of numbers, there is a great respect for female athletes and the females who go through here."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"We do not have it out there as a distant dream. This could actually be reality."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"On the floor, we've had a lot of close games so far and he has said, 'You know you (girls) have got to understand you need to take care of this (offensively).' He's such a good person to have (on our side)."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"I've been in a lot of arenas around the country and there is nothing like a cadet crowd. It's not just the noise and how they get into the game. It's the camaraderie and the feeling that everybody is in this together. It's a family."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Cara is an amazing player. When she's feeling it, she's feeling it. She does a great job of understanding what the defense gives her."
"There won't be any shame in us not winning this game. At the same time, our girls have a lot of pride. They want to keep playing."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Girls Quotes
"The biggest thing has been balanced scoring. We've had a number of kids who didn't look to score as much last year and have gotten them more involved."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"That's just part of it. Everyone can't be a No. 1 seed. For us, though, it gives Tennessee motivation."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Motivational Quotes
"We talk about no excuses because we've all had some sort of adversity that we've had to deal with in our lives and that's there to make us stronger and not to be used as a crutch. Erin is an extremely talented player. I've changed her around to play her at the two (guard) to get her scoring a little more."
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"Adversity, ladies. How are we going to react?"
Author: Dixon Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes

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