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"One thing we talked about is being an inexperienced team, when you get adversity, everybody's got to come together and pick it up. I think when they saw Laura go down, who's one of our tougher kids, the kids had a little bit of an emotional letdown."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"Grieving is natural. It is not a disease."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Disease Quotes
"We've prided ourselves in that defense now for five games. We've got a lot of pride in that defense. We feel like we're playing real good defensive football and we have some room to get better."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"We want to treat independent living youth who are in foster care the same as any other child in the world. Just because they're in foster care doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to drive."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Living Quotes
"I think (the leaders) are there. It's whether or not they know how to do that yet is what we've got to find. I'm not sure they know who they are yet, so we'll see."
"I think he's been explicit telling people what they really don't want to hear because of the way the rules are written. Unfortunately, the state legislature is the only one that can change things."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Teens sometimes feel that inflicting pain on yourself will transfer the pain somewhere else. Teens doing this should find a trusted adult like a teacher or counselor to talk to."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Pain Quotes

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