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John Brennan Quotes

6 John Brennan quotes:

"Shaw played junior varsity last year. He has made a big jump to fourth singles with major improvement."
"We have to fight through the adversity."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"We have a lot of juniors and seniors back who have gained experience. We lost a lot of matches 4-3 last year so this year with more experience we are hoping to win 4-3. Our senior experience should pay off."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"While Windsor Fund's emphasis on deep value stocks has been out of favor recently, we believe it is a sound long-term investment strategy,"
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"The Department of Defense is very eager to step up its involvement in counterterrorism activities, and it has set its sights on traditional CIA operational responsibilities and authorities."
Author: Brennan Quotes Category: Defense Quotes
"But it is more than just the teachers who create a good learning environment for the students. It's the bus drivers and cooks and janitors and teaching assistants and secretaries."

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