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Max Starks Quotes

9 Max Starks quotes:

"This game was not possible without him."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"That's their way to control the tempo of the game, but when you do that you compromise your coverage, You have man-to-man coverage every play, and they can't do that all day. Teams will eventually jump out of it or we are going to be a passing team, because we can do both. We're two-dimensional."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Compromise Quotes
"We love it. He's intense. But he is probably one of the most motivated people I've ever known. And because of his personal motivation, it motivates everyone around him to do well. He knows how to light that fire under you and gets you going, that's for sure."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"By the time I was ready to go (back in), Willie (Parker) was running down the sideline (45 yards). They didn't need me."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"That's how you approach it no matter who is running the ball. It doesn't get any easier or harder if one person is running or the other. If we do our job, anybody can be successful."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"No. 1, he's that height and if he gets down lower that's less target space to hit on, ... It forces you to stay in that uncomfortable 90-degree squat stance while shuffling, while using your hands. Through the course of the game it wears on you and you start to get higher and higher by the end. At that point, he's able to run under guys or get good enough technique that he can get under their pads and push them backward."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Space Quotes
"By any means necessary. We overcame every obstacle and adversity the devil put in front of us."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"Real soul food ... can't beat that."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"I love the city. All my family is up there. I've been going there for many years, so I'm looking forward to going back."
Author: Starks Quotes Category: Family Quotes

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