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12 Chad Pennington quotes:

"That was the highest of the high and the lowest of the low. We went through a bunch of adversity and at the end of the game it looked for a minute like we had won."
"Keep playing, keep enjoying what you're doing, don't let the situation get you uptight. That's kind of our motto. Coach and I always talk about enjoying the opportunity we have here in New York. [Against Miami] I was pretty proud of our offense being able to bear down and help our defense out."
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"If Curtis can't go, which I can't imagine ... it would be a difficult situation. But I wouldn't lose confidence because I know Derrick (Blaylock) would do a great job."
"I just hate to see that he has to deal with the same problem he's dealt with before. It's disheartening. He's the ultimate inspiration to anybody who has a dream to play professional football. The ultimate underdog who nobody gave a chance. He's had a great career."
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"[Meanwhile, about 1,700 NFL players are ready for Kickoff 2005.] It's for real now, ... We've got to go -- hard and fast."
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"It's frustrating and demoralizing. When something like that happens, it really tests you. It tests your willpower, your mind and your confidence."
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"I've got a lot of learning to do. This is good for me. I'll come out and look at this tomorrow and get better from it. It was good for me because I got banged around a few times, bounced back and didn't even know that I'd gotten banged around."
"I'm still learning a lot in this offense, and it doesn't count until Sept. 11. So I'm learning everything I can."
"I?m still learning a lot in this offense. It doesn?t count until Sept. 11."
"It gives you a good feeling and allows you to sleep better, knowing you scored on the first drive and ended the preseason on a good note,"
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"We know we self-destructed."
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"I've definitely learned what patience is all about, ... It's tough, but I'm in the best situation I can be in. I just need to keep my nose to the grindstone, keep working hard, and it'll happen sooner or later."

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