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20 Mark Schmidt quotes:

"When I was their age, I never got tired. Their bodies are used to it, and it doesn't seem to affect them. Two games in two days is tough, but these guys will be ready to go."
"Now we'll find out how our guys bounce back -- how they handle adversity."
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"There's probably about a generation and a half that have not had, by any standards we consider, an education."
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"We have to execute better on the road if we are going to win. You can get away without execution at home sometimes, but that can't happen on the road."
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"I thought he was the difference in the game. He got rebounds. He defended. He gave us energy. He only played 13 minutes, but they were 13 big minutes. He did a terrific job."
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"But it wasn't the end of the game [that decided the issue]. It was the beginning of the game. The game was lost in the first half."
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"It is our hope that the Toronto campaign will inspire a higher level of commitment to the trails from riders throughout the GTA. Toronto mountain bikers have an opportunity to set the stage for improved access across the province."
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"It is a little harder now, because every coach knows about players, and there aren't many gems who get overlooked. But this game was a perfect opportunity to see what other players could do. It is nice to see these guys get rewarded with playing time."
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"This was a huge confidence booster for us. We ended the three-game losing streak which included two heart-breaking one-point losses. We were desperate for a win. But we also knew Central Connecticut State would be tough mentally. They were. I just think we made some key rebounds and made some foul shots when we needed to."
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"Derek played his best game since he's been here. He shot the ball with great confidence. He just was terrific. When he plays like that, we're a good team."
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"They got open threes and they knocked them down. That's why they made a game of it."
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"We can't worry about what just happened. We have to look forward to the future. We have to keep on improving and not getting complacent, not feeling comfortable."
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"But we just didn't do a good job closing games out. That's disappointing. Part of it is we're young. We're inexperienced. We might tighten up. I'm not sure."
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"I think this is the toughest tournament in the history of Colorado. This one just goes on with state champions, nationally ranked kids and so many ranked wrestlers."
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"Sacred Heart is a good team, and we didn't play well against them. We knew this road trip was going to be tough. (On Thursday), we got behind by 12 and cut it to nine, but then had to fight an uphill battle from there."
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"You're just trying to simulate game pressure."
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"(Robert Morris) and St. Francis have the toughest travel. There are times we are gone for five days at a time. We just got back from a two-game trip and were home for 24 hours and had to leave again. That gets tiring. But we have to learn to deal with that because that is the situation we are in being in the Northeast Conference."
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"We understood why he chose a bigger Division I school. But that didn't work out, so we are happy to have him. I knew when I first saw him that he would be the kind of player who could be an impact player."
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"The big guy gives us problems. He gives A.J. Jackson problems, just his height. When A.J. struggles, we have a hard time. We can't just rely on jump shooting. That goes hot and cold."
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"This is a wonderful opportunity that we have here."

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