Lord Byron Quotes

137 Lord Byron quotes:

"That all-softening, overpowering knell, / The tocsin of the soul - the dinner-bell."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Soul Quotes
"Sincerity may be humble, but she cannot be servile."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Sincerity Quotes
"Thou pendulum betwixt a smile and tear"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Smiles Quotes
"Society is no one polished horde, Formed of two mighty tribes, the Bores and the Bored"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"Every sense hath been o'erstrung, and each frail fibre of the brain sent forth her thoughts all wild and wide"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Senses Quotes
"With pleasure drugged, he almost longed for woe"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"There is no sterner moralist than pleasure."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"Whenever I meet with anything agreeable in this world it surprises me so much -- and pleases me so much (when my passions are not interested in one way or the other) that I go on wondering for a week to come."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"Poetry should only occupy the idle."
"As to ''Don Juan,'' confess that it is the sublime of that there sort of writing; it may be bawdy, but is it not good English? It may be profligate, but is it not life, is it not the thing? Could any man have written it who has not lived in the world? and tooled in a post-chaise? in a hackney coach? in a Gondola? against a wall? in a court carriage? in a vis a vis? on a table? and under it?"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Poet Quotes
"I by no means rank poetry high in the scale of intelligence --this may look like affectation but it is my real opinion. It is the lava of the imagination whose eruption prevents an earthquake."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Poet Quotes
"I have met with most poetry on trunks; so that I am pat to consider the trunk-maker as the sexton of authorship"
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Poetry Quotes
"If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad. As to that regular, uninterrupted love of writing. I do not understand it. I feel it as a torture, which I must get rid of, but never as a pleasure. On the contrary, I think composition a great pain."
"In general I do not draw well with literary men -- not that I dislike them but I never know what to say to them after I have praised their last publication."
"Nothing so fretful, so despicable as a Scribbler, see what I am, and what a parcel of Scoundrels I have brought about my ears, and what language I have been obliged to treat them with to deal with them in their own way; -- all this comes of Authorship."
"It is very iniquitous to make me pay my debts - you have no idea of the pain it gives one."
Author: Byron Quotes Category: Pain Quotes
"Pythagoras, Locke, Socrates -- but pages might be filled up, as vainly as before, with the sad usage of all sorts of sages, who in his life-time, each was deemed a bore! The loftiest minds outrun their tardy ages."

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