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45 The Sophocles quotes:

"One's own escape from troubles makes one glad; but bringing friends to trouble is hard grief."
"There is no success without hardship."
"Best to live lightly, unthinkingly."
"Success is dependent on effort."
"How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be when there's no help in the truth."
"When a man has lost all happiness, he's not alive. Call him a breathing corpse."
"There is a point at which even justice does injury."
"Much wisdom often goes with fewest words."
"Reason is God's crowning gift to man."
"Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud."
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"The long unmeasured pulse of time moves everything. There is nothing hidden that it cannot bring to light, nothing once known that may not become unknown."
"Wonders are many, and none is more wonderful than the power that crosses the white sea, driven by the stormy wind, making a path under surges that threaten to engulf him..."
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"Enemies' gifts are no gifts and do no good."
"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love."
"Wisdom outweighs any wealth."
"It is the merit of a general to impart good news, and to conceal the truth."
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"Success, remember is the reward of toil."
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"Kindness gives birth to kindness."
"He who throws away a friend is as bad as he who throws away his life."
"There is no sense in crying over spilt milk. Why bewail what is done and cannot be recalled?"

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