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Sonny Lubick Quotes

12 Sonny Lubick quotes:

"From this point on should be a major stretch from here on out. One of the goals that I have is that we need a few more guys to step up because we will have those injuries where a player will be out for a week to three weeks."
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"Defensively we had trouble stopping the running game. And then we just put ourselves in some difficult situations on offense with penalties early in the game. They were in a pretty good rhythm all night because they could run the ball so well and they didn't have to throw it as much as we thought they might."
Author: Lubick Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"Nnamdi has improved significantly; he's running a lot better. He could be ready this week but if we err with him, we'll err on the side of caution."
Author: Lubick Quotes Category: Running Quotes
"They got us right off the bat, and I'm sure their purpose was to loosen us up. I was disappointed we couldn't put together a few more drives, because we were having a very, very difficult time slowing those guys down."
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"I don't think jobs are at stake for this ballgame. But if you lose it three, four, five times in a row, I'm sure there could be problems for you."
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"Sometimes we play better under those circumstances. Sometimes we play better on the road with a hostile crowd. We've just got to go out and survive."
"Glen's done a great job at Minnesota, ... He's a coach I've always respected and I've enjoyed visiting with him over the years. His teams can always run the ball."
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"I cannot thank Brady enough for his support of our program. It is very special that he thinks highly of the experience he had at Colorado State. It's nice to know that when individuals leave our program, they remain committed and involved in our continued success by assisting us."
Author: Lubick Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"I'm sure the purpose of that was to loosen us up, so we weren't coming up to support the run so quickly."
Author: Lubick Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"The guy fumbles it and bobbles it, and that's good. We're running down there 100 miles an hour and don't break down. We probably over ran him, and he gets it to the 40, and all you have to do is complete one pass and that's it."
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"Justin knows that we all have confidence in him as coaches and players, ... Quarterbacks are going to have some adversity and when it happens, they have to be tough enough to fight through it. There's no question in our minds that Justin is tough enough."
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"I don't know when he'll be back. I haven't talked to the doctors, so I'm hoping, but specific types seem to go longer than a week or two weeks."
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