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"[In his 2000 biography] Rosa Parks, ... Her name is a code word against totalitarian governments. There are really three names that have really resonated in the shanty towns of Third World countries around the world. They are Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Bob Marley. They are more loved by poor people than any other historical figures in recent memory."
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"Biography tends to tilt history, because every person you are writing about becomes larger than life."
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"[Brinkley recalled Parks' visit with former South African president Nelson Mandela back in 1990; Mandela was overcome with emotion during the meeting.] Tears filled his eyes as he walked up to the small, old woman with her hair in two silver braids crossed atop her head, ... And, in a low, melodious tone, Mandela began to chant 'Rosa, Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks.'"
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"Hurricane Katrina is without question the worst natural disaster in American history,"
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"Depressed and in physical pain from hip-replacement surgery, he started talking openly about suicide, polishing his .45-calibre pistol, his weapon of choice."
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"You live your life as a biography and you have chapters and how you handle yourself in time of adversity and crises defines you."
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"Thus did nature triumph over man's attempt to conquer it. Nature always wins."
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"It's too little too late. He's still going to get the blame."
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"Overcoming an illness can be a badge of honor."
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"The Boys of Pointe du Hoc: Ronald Reagan , D-Day, and the U.S. Army 2nd Ranger Battalion."

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