Kirk Ferentz Quotes

15 Kirk Ferentz quotes:

"We faced some adversity, and to respond in a positive way, that's good for everybody. Hopefully we learned something about ourselves."
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"He was probably the only guy in America who could get that job done."
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"It's improving but the danger there is we can't fool ourselves and think our percentage (of signing top recruits) is going to be as good as some of the other schools. We have to keep recruiting the way we have been recruiting and looking for the same traits and attributes."
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"After what they saw (last week), I'm sure that'll give them more encouragement, and rightfully so."
"I don't know if you could write a better script. Nobody would believe it if you did."
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"Hey, coach, you're back in the mix. Talk about being back in the hunt - what do you say to your young guys ..."
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"I think the consensus was and continues to be they'd rather be together on Christmas. That was our thought; get down here, it gives us a chance to get our feet on the ground and, most importantly, we're all here together."
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"We showed some improvement. I think we also showed the need for more improvement."
"We're real pleased with Albert's start to the season, certainly, and we've had good feelings about him for three years now, ... It's exciting to have him out there on the field, but all it does is enable us to have a better chance to be more balanced. We certainly weren't able to get that done last year for obvious reasons, and I think this year, all of our running backs have really done a good job. They've been practicing well and it's probably been a bright spot on our football team."
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"Marcus isn't full speed yet, so there's some guys fighting for some time and positions there."
"I'm sure nobody in their locker room is happy, because you're never happy when you come up short on the scoreboard. I know they came in here intending to win. They sure played like it."
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"The main thing is he's not polished. But the thing is, he's a guy the coaches can trust to do the right things, make the right decisions."
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"That's one of the things that caught our eye watching him in high school,"
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"Like any great player, you can't simulate them in practice,"
Author: Ferentz Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"We've already failed one challenge. Not so much on the scoreboard, but the way we performed that day."

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