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David Castillo Quotes

9 David Castillo quotes:

"We've got guys picking each other up when we make mistakes instead of getting down on each other. In year's past, you had too many situations of offense versus defense."
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"We knew coming in that Wake was going to give us problems. They do every year. We were fortunate that we had a few ways to attack them where we had advantages and we were able to exploit that."
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"We've faced adversity all season. Every time we've faced adversity, we've risen to the challenge and became stronger as a team and I see no reason why that will not happen again."
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"It almost seemed like destiny, ... We get two blocked punts - how many times does that ever happen? We just didn't make anything happen."
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"Drew is still his own hardest critic,"
"He's always been his toughest critic. He'll grade out at 97 percent and he's sitting there worrying about the 3 percent he did wrong. That's what makes great athletes and great people, in general, when you're worried about getting better. You're aiming at perfection."
"I don't known what it is about Miami, but we just can't kick field goals here. You can't get as many penalties as we had and expect to beat a team like Penn State. I was just penalty after penalty after penalty. We could have had a lot more chances to score."
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"It was my fault. I kind of got consumed with wanting to reach this goal. I regret it now. I made that mistake."
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"Drew is always his harshest critic. Out of 80 snaps, he could have 60 good plays and 20 bad plays, and he'd beat himself up about the 20 bad ones. But he got something done that a quarterback hasn't gotten done here in a long time, and that's beat Miami."

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