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17 Pat McMahon quotes:

"We work very hard on that part of the game within the rules. You have to lock your feet . . . and also protect yourself by dropping the bat and turning in, so you get hit at flesh, not at the face, elbows or knees."
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"We need to string quality at-bats together and that comes in cycles. Presently, we're lacking in that, not from lack of work, but quality pitching."
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"He pitched through adversity today. He pitched through some runs and pitched through some errors."
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"Obviously, I have great feelings for Stetson University as my alma mater. It is a university that means an awful lot to me for so many different reasons."
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"Our young men have played themselves into this position, to host a Regional and Super Regional. That's by hard work during the course of the entire season. Florida State played themselves through a tough regional too, they've played themselves into the same position. I don't know the outcome, but I guarantee we'll play our hearts out."
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"I am extremely proud of the way our guys competed and showed great field presence. From an offensive perspective, we battled pitch counts throughout the game and were able to manufacture two runs without a hit."
"I'm really proud of Brian's performance. He showed great determination and competed his heart out."
"He really competed. I liked the look in his eyes."
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"When I talk about ?giving back,' that's when I think of Wes Larson."
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"I think that was a great pitch, a quality pitch. Matt is battling and trying to get his timing back. He took some quality swings tonight."
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"I'm proud of Bryan Ball's performance. I thought he really competed. He gave us seven innings, so it was a quality start for him."
"I think the journey or the road to Omaha is probably, for all of college sports, one of the toughest climbs."
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"We're not pleased with where we are today, but the adversity faced by this club, bar none, in all my entire years, is unbelievable. There's a lot of different issues, and they haven't let anything get in the way. They just keep battling."
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"We pitched through some adversity tonight."
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"They're a very good offensive club that plays the game with a design. They've got some outstanding hitters, and (the home runs) were a huge part (of the Series)."
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"I'm very pleased with his performance. He had good stuff and he kept it close for us."
"I thought it was an outstanding game from a pitching perspective and defensive perspective. It gets down to so many little things, and that's what it is. It's a game of small, small things."

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