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28 Slobodan Milosevic quotes:

"He's always been tough to deal with. He's a formidable adversary, and negotiating with him is not a lot of fun. I've done it for a long time."
"predicated upon an end of the aggression and return of peace."
"To open the space for negotiations, (NATO) aggression on Yugoslavia has to stop immediately,"
"[But Gore added that] NATO will back up its demands with force ... does not keep the agreement he entered into."
"We have no quarrel with America. We all know NATO is the strongest military machine in the world. We simply want them to stop being so busy with our country and worry about their own problems."
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"responsible for the worst crimes known to humankind."
"The Kosovo heroism has been inspiring our creativity for 6 centuries, and has been feeding our pride and does not allow us to forget that at one time we were an army great, brave, and proud, one of the few that remained undefeated when losing."
"Equality means nothing unless incorporated into the institutions."
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"on the basis of a formula of an equality of rights and equal regard for the interests of all three peoples, not on the basis of genocide."
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"Our army and security forces are capable of providing security to all citizens of Kosovo."
"Their sacrifice is a shining example of bravery and devotion to one's people and fatherland, ... You have suppressed the enemy and disabled it."
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"[The Kosovo problem can] be resolved only in Serbia on the basis and within the framework of its constitution and laws, ... It was noted that non-interference in internal affairs of other countries was a precondition for the successful development of bilateral and international relations."
"The loss of national identity is the greatest defeat a nation can know, and it is inevitable under the contemporary form of colonization."
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"Equal and united people can above all become a part of the civilization toward which mankind is moving. If we cannot be at the head of the column leading to such a civilization, there is certainly no need for us to be at is tail."
"All citizens of Yugoslavia are resisting this intention, and any pressure to break away Kosovo will come up against their will,"
"the first free New Year."
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"NATO believes it can pick on a small nation and force us to surrender our independence. And that is where NATO miscalculated. You are not willing to sacrifice lives to achieve our surrender. But we are willing to die to defend our rights as an independent sovereign nation."
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"It is the utmost necessity that this congress be a congress of unity."
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"with something that has been fabricated and far from the truth."
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"[Citing reports of] widespread house-burning and indiscriminate artillery attacks on whole villages, ... campaign of violence going far beyond ... a targeted anti-terrorist operation."
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