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31 Richard Marx quotes:

"I think really what I'm saying is that I thrive on adversity."
"I'm happy, I would say that I'm one of the happiest people I know but I've certainly had periods of profound sadness, depression and heartache and those are the kind of things that are interesting to me to write about."
"When things are too easy I lose interest in them so I find ways to complicate them to get myself interested."
"One time Robert Plant was set to check into the same room after I checked out, so I removed every light bulb and ordered up a bunch of stinky cheese and put it under the mattress."
"And to any new fans we made along the way, I say... welcome to our party. It's just starting to get going."
"In the past, there has always been so much pressure about carrying a show and promoting a record."
"It's funny; Luther and I have written many songs together, but we've never written songs in the same room."
"Doing my own album provided me the opportunity to say whatever I wanted."
"It never ceases to amaze me that I get to do this for a living."
"Even if the record is really successful, it's not going to change my future as a producer; if it means recording another record, great."
"I don't think it is pressure but I am aware sometimes, especially on this new album, that people were going to really pay attention."
"I understand that, but this disc shows the type of music that I've always liked and wanted to make."
"I can't wait to front my band with these new songs and play for fans, but I've decided to keep my day job too."
"I have complete freedom, and there's no way to get pigeonholed or bored. What could be better than that?"
"My joke, which isn't really a joke, is that there will be one of two tours: the tour for the album that does well, or the tour for the album that stiffs."
"I don't think I've ever laid out a batch of songs that pick myself apart the way that these do."
"As a songwriter, there's nothing better than winning Song Of The Year. But I couldn't really celebrate, because it wasn't right. Luther wasn't standing next to me, to receive the award."
"I didn't want my last chapter to be the guy who sits at the piano and sings love songs."
"I've never, ever in my life enjoyed playing live the way I am now."
"I'm now so keenly aware that I have everything to prove and nothing to lose."

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