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"I'm actually proud of these guys. I'm frustrated for them, not frustrated at them. We overcame a lot of adversity leading into this game where everyone and their brother counted us out. ... I was pretty proud of how we reacted to all that adversity."
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"The first morning after I was hired, it was my wife ( Betsy ) who said, 'Holy (smoke), you're the head coach of the Buffalo Bills,'"
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"Due to circumstances, I can no longer be able to continue as the head coach. I did not reach this decision lightly, but after much thought I have concluded that for my own personal reasons and in the best interests of my family, on balance, outweigh any future benefits that may accrue to me by continuing in this position."
"Due to circumstances, I am no longer able to continue as head coach."
"This is three games, this is not the season. We have a lot of football ahead of us. We come into work tomorrow, we're looking forward, not backwards, same as we did last year."
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"This isn't about fining them (as a punishment), this is about making sure they're in the best shape, not just so you can perform but your health risks are higher. Extra weight is stress on them."
"The truth is different guys mature at different ages. It's really up to the individual. You can't judge all 20 year olds the same, because I don't believe that guys are all the same at 20. There are guys in this league who aren't mature at 23 or 24. And there are 20 year olds who maybe can handle it. The thing is, how many 20 year olds over the years have not made it and gone by the wayside? You don't hear about those guys."
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"I think we have enough guys to win with, ... I know I have an advantage of talent level here compared to some other new coaches. But still, it's basically the same team that went 6-10, so you've got to find a way to get them confident about themselves. That's what you do constantly from the very first time you step in front of them to present the staff and your plan. They've got to know that they are a good football team."
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"It's learning on the run."
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"I told him he can keep our morale up and don't let it end at the halftime speech. He's probably more important now for us even though he's not on the field. We can sure use the support from him, and his teammates have so much respect for him."
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"It was more of being winded. We were planning on getting Duke in there more than we did. So it was give Duke a chance there at the end."
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