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20 Kristy Curry quotes:

"I think it shows great character and definitely a lot of toughness mentally. They obviously have great kids, great people."
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"It's great for the game. It's a part of the game, it's where the game is going. You see girls are getting bigger, stronger, faster, quicker."
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"I pulled her out and tried to explain that to her. Katie's got to grow up and accept the responsibility and be more passionate, be more aggressive, be more spirited, especially in the second half."
"I've been asking for more of a killer instinct. This is the first time in 18 games it's happened to that degree against a quality opponent."
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"She's the most enjoyable player on our team. Our kids absolutely love her."
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"I think the two best teams in the Big Ten are going to go at it tomorrow night."
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"They really have a purpose about them inside, and it's a great thing for our team."
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"It's going to take 40 minutes of the best basketball we can give. Do we have that in us? Without a shadow of a doubt. We've worked all year to get an opportunity like this."
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"We took care of the basketball and made more free throws (12) than they attempted (11). Those two really helped."
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"Fans in Mackey Arena this year will be treated to some unbelievable basketball, ... We plan on putting our best foot forward night-in and night-out. We want and expect to win, and we know we'll have to be at the top of our game each time we take the court."
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"That would have been critical to us. It was a gutsy play by her. Thank goodness she was set."
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"It said a lot about our kids in the second half. If we can carry the second half into the NCAA Tournament, I think we can play with anyone. It's 64 teams and four will end up in Boston and we feel like we have as good a chance as anybody."
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"It's obviously our perimeter play — we're not taking care of the ball. And it's pretty much a widespread disease for us. She (Davenport) is going to get the number of points she got. But we've got to come back down the floor and score."
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"We've got a lot more to lose than they (Michigan) have to gain. We're fighting for a Big Ten title. We don't want them to take that away from us."
"The communication between them is often silent ? just a movement or an expression. They really feed off each other and know each other like the back of their hand. It's been fun to watch two kids that are so different really become close as teammates."
"There's been too much complaining, too much criticizing."
"(The Badgers) have been so close so much of the season. They've had so much adversity, so many injuries, you knew sooner or later, they probably were going to catch up to somebody and they were able to catch up to Minnesota."
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"I think our kids understand who Southwest Missouri is and what they're all about."
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"We have a lot of respect for Missouri State. We have a history with them, and we're definitely not going to look past them."
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"As we were resting them, we were explaining that was why. We hope it pays off to our advantage tomorrow night. I guess we'll see."
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