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Larry Eustachy Quotes

8 Larry Eustachy quotes:

"I have no qualms about this group. I'm really excited for the young guys. They're starting to make progress and it will start showing up next year in the win column."
Author: Eustachy Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"(UTEP) has done a terrific job with some unbelievable adversity with injuries and coming back and piecing it together. There's some real substance to this group of guys. They find ways to win."
Author: Eustachy Quotes Category: Adversity Quotes
"None of those guys have been in a setting like the FedEx Forum. It will be a learning experience and they will step up."
"What really set us back was that he really showed a lot of leadership, ... Not the talent. The experience and leadership that he was in position to give us. That's where it hurt the most."
"What you find in players I've signed is that they all have somebody -- whether it is directly in their family or indirectly, a cousin or nephew -- who has experience with some type of alcohol or drug abuse. My situation was so out in the open, but [alcohol abuse] is a much bigger problem than people will admit, and it is everywhere. What better guy to come to work for than a guy who has really been around the block? Let's face it, alcohol is a huge issue on campuses. It is as big a problem as it ever has been. So I can help. I am the expert, that is for sure."
Author: Eustachy Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"When you don't make baskets, it really triggers a lot of bad events. That's where the program is right now. We can't fight through the adversity without dropping our head a little bit. But we fought to the end, and we learned a lot."
Author: Eustachy Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"He's terrific. He's an NBA player. I can't believe the improvement he's made. Jimmy has done a great job in developing him."
"He's a great guy and he has made progress."
Author: Eustachy Quotes Category: Progress Quotes

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