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"I'm telling you, I was very, very proud of how hard they played tonight. They competed the whole time, and they had a very good level of composure through adversity. We just kept coming back. It was just a one- or two-play game."
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"I thought Kentucky's defense was very, very aggressive. Their defense impacted us in a big, big way."
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"We went a little soft. We started playing out of anxiety. We got a little panicky and fed their momentum."
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"It's not like he's not still getting any quality looks in a game."
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"We had to deal with the implied implications of NCAA sanctions, and then the reality of those sanctions. The steepest part of the challenge is trying to get back up on our feet and get some momentum."
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"They're more than dangerous. They're very good. They have some tremendous pieces. To play an additional game is one more obstacle, but they're very capable of winning the tournament."
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"I know we'll be improved, but I don't know how much improved and I don't want to put a cap on it either. We're excited about the possibilities. The possibilities are enormous, but the unknowns are enormous, too."
"I think the SEC is very unpredictable this year. It's kind of wide open because some of the turnover in significant personnel."
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