Herbert Simon Quotes

25 Herbert Simon quotes:

"Maybe we ought to have a world in which things are divided between people kind of fairly."
"In the computer field, the moment of truth is a running program; all else is prophecy."
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"Forget about Nobel prizes; they aren't really very important."
"What a person cannot do he will not do, no matter how much he wants to do it. Normative economics has shown that exact solutions to the larger optimization problems of the real world are simply not within reach or sight. ... the behavior of an artificial system may be strongly influenced by the limits of its adaptive capacities."
"I started off thinking that maybe the social sciences ought to have the kinds of mathematics that the natural sciences had. That works a little bit in economics because they talk about costs, prices and quantities of goods. But it doesn't work a darn for the other social sciences; you lose most of the content when you translate them to numbers."
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