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"I said, if we didn't prove to ourselves today that we can play with the best teams in the country, then you're just not a believer. I think we just showed the world we're a good team and we're here to stay."
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"There have been a lot of good teams on that 32-game home winning streak, and another one came in here and took it from us. It is the only way it should end, it shouldn't end with us losing by 15 or us losing to a bad team."
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"This is the first night that me, Bobby and Jamaal all got on the same page. It's important that we step up and be seen. If we get on the same page night in, night out, we can be a really good team."
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"We control our own destiny now."
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"I'm a big fan of Dee Brown. He's the heart and soul of that team and he's the first guy we've got to stop."
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"This is the first night me, Bobby and Jamal got on the same page. We need to lead this team. I think tonight we did a good job."
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"I think we just want to keep playing good basketball. We don't want to go the Pac-10 tournament and have a terrible game and have that be the last thought on our minds heading into the NCAA tournament."
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"It makes it a lot smoother. At the beginning of the game, it's more my time. Then when Jamaal comes in, I can kind of concentrate on other areas and it's more his time."
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"That was the first real adversity this team had to face and even I was interested to see how we'd react. We had bad chemistry [during the losing streak]. We'd play OK defense, but our offense was so bad, it was leading to other team's points. Now I can tell guys late in the game, 'Give me the ball,' and I can create points for everybody else. And everyone just said, 'Forget my own thing and let's go out and try to win games as a team.' Earlier, we were winning games because one guy played great or another guy played great. But now we are winning as a team."
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"We've got a lot of experience. When I was a sophomore, we were just excited to be there. Last year, being a one-seed, we just wanted to live up to expectations. This season is fun because no one is really saying much about us. We have the chance to go in there and surprise some people. We almost get to play the underdog role."
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"That was the smoothest, easiest 25 I've had this year. I wasn't fighting against any of my teammates to get points. I was just kind of rolling in the offense. And Jamaal got his."
"In my heart, I would have liked to have seen him come to Washington because I feel like the things I've been through here have made me not only a better person but a better basketball player. You come to college and nobody looks at you as a star anymore. You're just another guy on the team, and that would have been great for him."
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"When I was a kid I dreamed about this. It's an incredible honor to be recognized nationally like this."
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"I don't think it crossed my mind we were going to lose that game. I'm still kicking myself. For the first time in basketball, I feel sorry for myself."
"He's the key to their team. If he can't get going, it'll be a tough night for everybody."
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"Washington is taking a huge step in being a power program."
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"I'm just happy we are in the race for the Pac-10 title again."
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"I think that's a credit to all past Husky teams. I'm happy to be part of it."
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"That's going to be a struggle between two teams trying to impose their wills on one another. If they can get it in the half-court set, they'll have the advantage."
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"We just totally turned the page on that Thursday game. It was important not to come in here and worry about making shots, and we did a good job of that."
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