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20 Kevin O'Connor quotes:

"During the past year, we continued to solidify our leadership position in online advertising,"
"Jupiter Communications predicts local Internet advertising will reach $1.5 billion by 2002. We think this is going to be the emerging year and over the next five to 10 years, it's going to be a very significant part of our revenues."
"In the traditional advertising area, local advertisers constitute about half the market. It's about a $70 billion industry in the traditional advertising market,"
"So many people have so much money and the result has been some of the worst advertising in history, ... You watch a commercial and when it's over you still don't know what it's about."
"The number one rule of advertising is that ad dollars always follow the consumer, ... If consumers are spending less time on TV, print [and] spending more time online, the advertisers have to follow. That's the only way you can stay in business."
"Vic has been involved in the oil and gas industry for over twenty years. His vast array of experience and knowledge will be a tremendous asset to the other members of the Board of Directors and to the Company as it moves forward."
"This really is about the predators. When it comes to blame you can only point the finger at the defendants."
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"I kind of hit the ground running, ... I want to get as much out of college as I can, in terms of experience and understanding. I want to leave Hamilton with the tools I'm going to need to do other things."
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"I'm requesting that they upgrade the charge to an aggravated battery because it involved hot coffee, which is an aggravating factor. When you throw hot coffee at someone, it constitutes that level of a charge."
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"Anytime you are losing, you naturally lack a little bit of confidence. But, getting a win (on Monday) should get us back on track and gives us some confidence."
"My three-year-old uses the computer more proficiently than he can speak, ... Computers are going to get smarter."
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"What you've got to remember is Asia's economies weren't hit as hard. Secondly, and in terms of confidence, passenger confidence for flying, people know or feel it's ... a lot safer to fly around Asia, down to Australia, than ... the U.S."
"We were able to settle it in and started to control the tempo better."
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"Any decent person, using their common sense would know they no longer have the authority to be in a homicide scene."
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"We certainly had something to do with their first two goals,"
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"The thing we need to do in the industry is make sure that the services are reporting the accurate information."
"(Sheridan) is a very talented team. But our kids really battled them."
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"I'm just so proud the way they competed against a team with that size and talent. It says a lot about our kids heart."
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"As we are committed to a youth movement, this provides Glen the option of being able to be released from his contract in a time frame which allows him to quickly seek other options,"
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"We'll miss Kirilenko and Williams -- they were an important part of this team. But we couldn't pass up the opportunity to add one of the league's best big men in Tyson Chandler to our roster."

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