Martin Baird Quotes

4 Martin Baird quotes:

"Casino guests who are willing to risk their own personal reputation and spread positive word-of-mouth advertising about a casino are guest advocates and the degree to which a property has advocates is a highly reliable predictor of future growth."
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"Listening also improves communication between you and your guests and good communication is essential to providing guests with the service they desire."
"Always start the day with a positive attitude. Create a bright attitude by listening to upbeat music, exercising in the morning, playing with your children or pets and avoiding stressful situations whenever possible. Maintaining a positive attitude is one simple technique for creating top-notch customer service that will set your casino apart from the competition."
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"No matter what your guest satisfaction surveys say – even if satisfaction is in the stratosphere – it doesn't matter. Research doesn't support the concept that customer satisfaction predicts growth."
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