John Palfrey Quotes

5 John Palfrey quotes:

"There's a fine line between legitimate advertising practices and unwanted advertising practices, and finding where that line falls is a difficult one."
"The state's abilities in terms of content control online -- through a mixture of methods -- should not be underestimated."
Author: Palfrey Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"It's related to the problems that Yahoo and Microsoft and others are facing in China, ... but here the issue is that these technology security companies are directly profiting from the censorship regime itself."
Author: Palfrey Quotes Category: Problems Quotes
"You need to avoid any one entity having too much control over the ecosystem."
Author: Palfrey Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We do have companies in mind but we are not going to name names off the bat."
Author: Palfrey Quotes Category: Mind Quotes

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